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Typography Mistake Every Designer Have Did in Life.

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01: What's In Your Pants?

Parts - Aetch T. Trans and Dude with the D introduce themselves and discuss parts, lower surgery, and why you shouldn't ask someone who is trans about their parts.

02: How Do You Go To The Bathroom?

…..like everyone else. Aetch and Dude discuss the trials of going to the bathroom when you are trans.

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03: What Is Passing Privilege?

Aetch and D discuss the Loss of Identity that comes with having a high passing privilege.

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04: What Is A Hasbian?

Aetch and D discuss the oddity of having an Inner Lesbian, while being a middle-aged man.

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05: What Kind Of Underwear Do You Wear?

Dude with a D & Aetch T. Trans
Featuring RodeoH.com

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06: What Is A Prosthetic?

Dude with a D & Aetch T. Trans
Featuring Transthetics.com