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Ask Me
My Weiner

Our Podcast Is About The Questions

Aetch T. Trans and Dude with a D discuss all the great topics that come with being Trans.

Are you, a friend or a family member Transgender? Do you have questions and don’t know who to ask? Here are two best friends giving you an inside look at what someone who transitioned goes through and his best friend who has been there from the beginning.

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The Story Behind
Ask Me About My Weiner

Dude with a D and Aetch T. Trans have been best friends for more than 10 years. They met in college before Aetch transitioned and stayed best friends through it all. Aetch knows that having a friend like D has made his transition easier. This podcast is a way to share some of that friendship to help those who don’t have a friend like D. 

Meet Your Hosts

He is the Dude and yes, he has a D. 

D is a cisgender male. 

Dude with a D

Aetch is a transgender man. He was born biologically female and transitioned to male in his late 20s. He is excited to be celebrating his 9 year manniversary. 


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